Monday, September 30, 2013

ImaginingMystic's Legacy Story - Introduction

Well, it's been a few years (several, in fact) since I've attempted to write a story for a Sims 2 Legacy Family.  In spite of being married to the challenge's creator I've never actually successfully completed a Legacy Challenge.  I intend to finally remedy that.

I decided to follow the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Advanced Rules as I think that adding more challenges to my Legacy family will help keep me interested longer than the 3 Generations I usually make it until I get bored and the family is swimming in Simoleons.  I will also be using Handicaps.

Rather than dive head first into Chapter 1, I decided to give a brief introduction to my founder.  I am still working on writing Chapter 1 and hope to have it up within the next week or so.

This is Geneva Legacy (I plan on following a European city naming theme).  She is an outgoing Leo that enjoys meeting new people and making friends.  I decided to make my founder a Popularity Sim as it's one of my least favorite Aspirations (next to Pleasure Sims), so I figured if I started off with an aspiration I don't like, it will help me to get it out of the way so that I -hopefully- don' have to deal with too many more of them.

Geneva's personality points are as follows:

Neatness 4
Outgoing 10
Active 4
Playfulness 4
Niceness 3

Geneva's Lifetime Want is to become a Rock God.  Her Turn Ons are Blonde Hair and Glasses and she hates Stink.

As for the aspects of the Challenge that I am going to follow they are:

Family Hobby - Cuisine
Legacy Tree

I will not be starting the Open For Business, Pets, or Bon Voyage Legacy Rules for Generation 1, but I do plan on adding a Family Business and a vacation home later on.

The Handicaps that I will be using are:

One Way Street
Aspiring To Do It the Hard Way
Free Roaming Ghosts

You may have noticed that I am doing the Legacy Tree with an eXtreme start.  This means that Geneva starts out with this:


The cheapest bed possible and an apple tree.

Well... I did say I wanted the game to be more challenging, right?  Well then... bring it on!

I am hoping to get Chapter 1 written out soon.

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  1. I've never read a Sims 3 legacy before! I have to say that I really like the advanced rules. Pinstar should do an advanced ruleset for Sims 3. I love the one about the tree. I believe Sims 3 trees don't live forever, but you could do something about having to have a tree or its direct descendant growing in the same spot for the entire legacy.

  2. I will mention it to him! Truth be told though, he was never as fond of the Advanced rules as he was of the Sims 2 Core Rules. I think he felt he made them too difficult to follow. I personally really like them though as it adds more of a challenge to the game and keeps things interesting for longer.