Sunday, October 6, 2013

ImaginingMystic's Legacy Story - Chapter 1

Well, I've already introduced you to my new Legacy Founder, Geneva Legacy and given you all of her information, so now I think it's time I got into writing the actual story.  To see which handicaps and rules I am following check out the introduction.

I thought I would start off with giving you a tour of the house....

Ok done.

Since we are starting eXtreme and following the Legacy Tree rules, the only thing we were able to afford was the cheapest bed possible so that we could also buy our Legacy Tree, which is an apple tree:

Beautiful isn't it?

Seeing as I spent every Simoleon that Geneva started with I decided to send her to Sim Center South where she could work as a Barista for a bit to earn some extra money, meet some Sims, and have access to a grill, shower, and toilet since she doesn't have any of those at home.  Hopefully we can find some nice male Sims here to consider for Geneva's future spouse as well.

Geneva decided that the local slob, Aaron, looked hot.  Of course she had to go for the slob *sigh*.  Messy Sims drive me crazy, and the Slob is the worst of all.  However, she has two lightning bolts with him, so it's probably worth her getting to know him a bit.

Upon arriving back at home Geneva was greeted by her new neighbors, Nina Caliente, Darren Dreamer, and none other than Pinstar himself.  Notice her excitement...

Pinstar:  "So this is the founder of my wife's new Legacy and she greeted me wearing her underwear.  This can't end well."

Geneva:  "Hmm... he's pretty cute, I wonder if he'll marry me."

Right, first off Geneva, no.  Secondly, no.  He's mine.  Get your own.

Geneva:  "Who has two thumbs and got herself a promotion on her first day on the job?  Me!  That's who!"

I decided to have Geneva take the Political Career track since she it so darn outgoing.  So far it seems to be working out in my favor.

With the new promotion, I was able to upgrade her "house" to include a toilet, shower, phone, and mini fridge.  She's living it up now!

Speaking of the shower...
Right Kennedy... that's not at all creepy. *backs away slowly*

With another promotion the next day we were able to buy a bunch of skill up equipment including a bookcase, easel, and chess table.  We're almost to the end of the eXtreme week now which means that pretty soon Geneva can ask a Sim to marry her.  Yay!  So far, it's looking like Mr. Slob is going to win out (*sob*) as Geneva gets along really well with him.

Somewhere along the way, Geneva was able to network with another Sim (I don't even remember who at this point, and I forgot to document it... whoops!) and was able to get an increase in her salary.  Which meant that her next promotion was able to finally net her an actual house.  Sure it's unfinished, but hey!  At least now she has a roof over her head.

Here is a look at the inside of it.  As you can see it's not much and is pretty boring looking, but we have the important stuff, including a double bed which will come in handy because....

...It's finally Monday of the next week, which means that Aaron can finally be married in.  Yay!  The two of them had a private ceremony on the sidewalk.  Aaron brought in a whopping $14 Simoleons and had absolutely nothing in his inventory aside from a bottle of Re-Nu-Yu potion which is pretty useless.  Oh... and he's a Pleasure Sim.  So if he didn't annoy me before with his 0 Neat points, he's definitely going to annoy me now with the fact that he is my least favorite Aspiration in the game.  I did, however, roll for his Secondary Aspiration which ended up being Wealth, so maybe he won't be a complete lost cause.

With Aaron now officially part of the family it's now time to start bringing in Generation 2.  Since I am going for a Matriarchy, I am hoping it doesn't take TOO long to get a girl, especially since we started eXtreme which means Geneva lost a week of *ahem* baby making time.

Well... that about wraps up Chapter 1!  The next Chapter will introduce Generation 2!  Look for it in a couple of weeks!

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Happy Simming!


  1. That looked like a tough first week- I remember doing the original legacy when we just had the base and it was so hard! Lost my stories as they were on the Sims2 site but c'est la vie. I still play Sims2 as it's my favourite game.
    Geneva did great to hook Aaron- shame he didn't bring any money though- they aren't going to make it easy for you.
    I actually like all the aspirations now having played them so much but I think Pleasure is my least favourite. ;)

  2. Haha Generation 1 was a breeze compared to what Generation 2 put me through! You'll see what I mean once I post those Chapters ;)