Tuesday, October 29, 2013

ImaginingMystic's Legacy Story - Chapter 2

We last left our family as they were about to *ahem* consummate their marriage.

And it looks like Generation 2 is on it's way!  The lullaby music played, and Geneva is pregnant (hopefully with a girl so that the Matriarchy handicap doesn't result in being a huge difficulty).

In preparation for the new addition, I added a small, gender neutral nursery to the house.

Prior to being put on maternity leave, Geneva received a promotion at work which netted us our very first career reward object.  And apparently Aaron thought this would be great time to photobomb us.  Lovely.

Aaron:  "Sheesh, pregnancy is rough.  Geneva now has a crazy pregnancy super nose which means I need to fart outside!"

Geneva: "Huh?  Where did this come from?!"

Geneva is normally a pretty decent cook.  However, once she became pregnant she suddenly started burning well... everything.  I guess I can understand that.  Darn pregnancy brain!

Speaking of pregnancy brain...

Uh... Geneva?

Geneva:  "Hmm?"

Don't you think you are forgetting something?

Geneva: "Umm... I don't think so.  Why?"

Oh.. no reason.  No reason at all.  Carry on.

And we're in the home stretch!

So Geneva... what do you think?  Boy or girl?

Geneva: "Boy"

Why is that?

Geneva: "Because you chose to go with a Matriarchy handicap.  Murphy's Law and all that."

Yeah... your probably right.

Aaron got himself a promotion which means we were finally able to buy a car.  It's not much, but seeing as Aaron was constantly rolling the want to buy a car, I figured I'd finally appease him.

Geneva:  "Um... either it's time to have a baby or that burned 5 alarm chili is coming back to haunt me!"

It's a....

Yep.... boy.

Welcome Locarno Legacy!  He has his mother's hair color and his father's eye color.

Geneva:  "Look at me!  I'm so awesome!  First day back at work after having a baby and I got myself a sweet promotion!"

That's great, now hop back in the sack with Aaron and get yourself pregnant with a daughter.

Geneva:  "Alright, c'mere you.  The boss lady says we need to try this again."

Aaron: "What, seriously?  Didn't we just have one?"

Geneva: "Yeah, but Locarno wasn't a girl.  So because the boss lady was insane and chose to go with a Matriarchy, we have to keep doing it until we have a daughter."

Aaron:  "Hey, I think I like this handicap!"

Sure Aaron.  Let me know if you feel that way when you are swimming in a sea of boys.  I have a feeling this may take a while.

Geneva: "Nom nom nom nom *crunch crunch munch munch*  I've been craving chips like crazy lately!"

Baby #2 is officially on it's way folks.  Maybe we'll get lucky this time.

Aaron: "Ooh, look at me!  I'm like Neo from the Matrix!"

Aaron... aren't you supposed to be at work?

Aaron: "But... if we're all just in one giant computer program what's the point? *cancels action to continue playing on the couch*"

Because as your supreme overlord, I command you to do so.  It's either that or I toss you into a ladder-less pool and find someone else for Geneva.

Aaron: "Oh hey, look at the time!  I have to go to work!"

Aaron:  "Happy birthday kid! *toss*"

Gah!  Sheesh, I know he's never going to be the heir, but throwing his foot through a door hardly seems like good parenting.

Well... in spite of now needing a cast on his foot, Locarno turned out to be pretty cute.  Shame he can't be the heir.  To be honest, at this point I don't even remember what personality points he ended up with.  I do remember that, like both of his parents he isn't very neat, but otherwise I couldn't tell you.

Speaking of no one being neat in this family.  This has become a common sight in the house.  Shame they can't afford to hire a maid right now.  Getting Aaron and Geneva to clean is like pulling teeth.  Very dirty teeth.

But then they do things like this and I stop worrying about how messy their house is.  D'awww.

Geneva:  "Umm... excuse me!  I think the next one is coming!"

Aaron:  Hey boss lady?


Aaron:  I guess this means we have to try for another one huh?

Yeah...  Get thee to thy bed!

Baby #2 is another boy.  Lucerne Legacy.  He has red hair and dark blue eyes, and I remember absolutely nothing else about him.

At this point I'm starting to regret the fact that I took the Matriarchy handicap.  I didn't take into account how bummed I'd be when my Sims had a boy.  I don't like being bummed about boys.  I have two sons in real life and they are AWESOME.  I love having boys.  Now I'm sad that I chose this darn handicap in the first place.

However, I am not about to quit on a handicap and lose points, so I shall persevere and hope to Plumbbob that the next baby is a girl!

Aaron at least seems to enjoy the fact that he keeps getting to try for more kids...

And they seem to get pregnant pretty quickly.  So far I've never had to make them "Try for Baby" more than once.  The lullaby has played yet again and #3 is on it's way.

In order to ensure that Chapter 2 doesn't drag on for all eternity, I am going to stop here.  Chapter 3 should be out in a few weeks.

In the meantime don't forget to submit your Legacy stories (either for the Sims 2 or Sims 3) to me at mysticlegacychallenge@gmail.com so that it can appear in a guest post.  Also, if you have any more link recommendations, please let me know!

Happy simming and have a Happy Halloween!


  1. Cute kiddies!! It's so fun seeing the different things that Sims 2 sims do :).

    Yeah, I've never really considered matriarchy/patriarchy because it feels kind of medieval to favor one sex over the other. Then again, I project too much emotion into my game.

    Do you have any way to influence the sex of a pregnancy in Sims 2?

  2. Not that I know of. You can influence twins by having the mother eat cheesecake, but you can't influence a specific gender to my knowledge.