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ImaginingMystic's Legacy Story - Chapter 3

Here we are again.  After the arrival of Geneva and Aaron's second boy, I promptly sent them back to the bed to try for yet another baby.  No rest for the weary in this family!

Geneva:  So... I guess we should get to it, huh?

Aaron:  Yeah, I suppose.  Though I'm having fun staring creepily at our Overlord.

Geneva:  Don't do that, you may end up a Zombie or something.

Nice foreplay guys.

Anyway, they did the deed, baby lullaby played, and that means Baby #3 is currently baking.


Aaron:  So you see son, flushing the toilet is only necessary once it gets REALLY full.  Otherwise you're just being inefficient.

Aaron, stop trying to teach him your slovenly was please.  The toilet in your house has been through enough trauma thanks to you.

Time to age Locarno up to a child.  Lucerne is almost ready to become a toddler, so I'd rather not have two in the house at the same time if I can help it.

What... in the name of Plumbbob have you two been feeding this kid?!  Pretty sure pooting sparkles isn't normal.

Locarno:  Boy am I glad I got those sparkles out of my system.  I feel much better now!

Apparently sparkles in the digestive track hinder the growth of Sim children.  Who knew?

Aaron's keeping it classy as always.

I gave Locarno a bit of a makeover as the long hair was just not going to work for me.

Geneva:  Happy birthday Lucerne.  Perhaps one day you'll make me rich.

Nice sentiment Geneva.

It seems Lucerne developed his father's Matrix loving tendencies.

Aww, what a cutie he turned out to be!  Darn you Matriarchy handicap.  DARN YOU!

Locarno:  Hmm... was I supposed to add the salami to the chocolate pudding before or after the vinegar?

I finally caved and hired a maid because I was tired of seeing this:

and this:

Along with disgusting toilets and baby potties all over the house.  Of course our maid ended up being Lucy Whatsherface.  She's infamous in many Sims 2 Legacy Stories for being a complete erm... mean lady :P

Oh hey!  Locarno brought the Sim version of my oldest son home from school today!  Hi sweetheart!

In reality my oldest is only 3 1/2, but since he's tall for his age, I decided to make him a child.  That way too my Simself and Pinstar's Simself didn't have 2 Toddlers to deal with at the same time :)

Umm... Mary Sue... what's that face for?

Aaron:  Hmm... was I not supposed to tell Mary Sue that I only shower once every two weeks?

... No... perhaps not.

Geneva:  Hey boss lady?  I think the new baby is coming!

And it's a....

*flips table*


Welcome Zurich Legacy.

*grumble grumble grumble*

Back to the sack with you two!  AND GIVE ME A GIRL THIS TIME OR ELSE!

Oh look... a little redheaded townie girl just walking down the street.  I wonder if anyone will notice if my family suddenly adopted her... *twitch*

I didn't get a picture of Geneva and Aaron preparing to try for baby #4 because I was too distracted by the redheaded girl, but baby #4 is indeed on the way.  Oh and Lucerne is growing into a child.  Woohoo -.-

And here he is.  Still looking a lot like Geneva too.  Darn you Matriarchy *sob*.

And here is Zurich as a toddler.  With all of the Sims (especially young Sims) living in the house right now, I had a hard time trying to get good pictures, so there aren't many.  It was starting to get a bit overwhelming!

Aaron:  Man are you in labor AGAIN?!  When will this end?!


Geneva:  Hey Aaron, I need you to hold this baby... there is another one coming.

O.O  Help.... me....

Aaron:  Hey boss lady?  This one is a boy...

Shut UP Aaron.  I know!

Geneva:  Shut UP Aaron!  She knows!

Aaron:  Sheesh.  Fine.

*Lion King Music Plays*

It's the ciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife! And it's a GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRRRLLLLLLL!

Oh thank the great Plumbbob above!  I can finally stop breeding these two like rabbits!  Now I just have to survive two exceedingly messy adult Sims and their FIVE children. *twitch*

Welcome to Baden and Lancy Legacy.  Lancy will be the Generation 2 Heiress.

I think it's time to end this chapter.  More information on Lancy will come in Chapter 4.

Happy Simming!

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