Friday, November 29, 2013

Some updates and some sad news...

First off, I hope all of our American readers had a great Thanksgiving yesterday.  Also, Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

Secondly.... I guess I may as well give the sad news....

My Sims 2 game seems to be a goner.

It hasn't been able to load without an error (a completely blank error by the way) for the last 2 weeks.  I'm not sure if the CD was scratched or if something else happened, but I have been unable to get it to load.  I had installed 2 other games in that time and I thought maybe they caused a conflict and deleted them, but that didn't help the matter.  So it looks like my Sims 2 Legacy is done for... at least for the moment.  If I can figure out what happened with it and can get it working again, I will try to start it up.  However, I am not hopeful.  This tends to be the trend for me.  I get super involved in a Sims 2 Legacy only to have a glitch or game error completely destroy it.

I'm pretty upset about it.  I really was loving my Legacy family.  My chapters only touched on them, but I had gotten them up to Generation 5 in the game.  I am not sure I have the energy to fight to try to get the game working again.  I may just move on to The Sims 3 and work on a new Legacy there.  That way too, I can start being more active on the Sims 3 forums to help answer any questions people may have.  Right now I've been out of the Sims 3 loop for so long that I don't always have an answer (and same for Pinstar).

Speaking of Pinstar...

He is currently working on a Sim of the Month Challenge and it should be up in December at some point. I am hoping, too, to get him to finally make his first post on here.  He's been busy with work and the Sim of the Month Challenge, so he hasn't had much time to focus on the site.  We decided when we started this blog that I'd be the one that was in charge of it and doing the majority of the writing, but I would like him to post every now and then.

We have a few other ideas that we are tossing around for the blog as well.  We are really hoping to get ourselves back into the community and become more active again.

For now, I am going to get to work on my Sims 3 Legacy.  With the Steam Fall Sales going right now, I was able to get University for more than 50% off.  I haven't gotten Island Paradise or Into the Future, but I'm not entirely sure I will use them for my Legacy anyway.  Has anyone used them for Legacies yet?  If so... what did you think?


  1. I'm sorry to hear it!

    Can't you keep the save files so that you could run the game if you get Sims 2 to install on another computer? I'd certainly enjoy reading something in Sims 3, since that's the only game I really know, but five generations is a lot to lose!

  2. Yeah I have the save files, so if I ever get a new computer I can give that a go. For now, I'll just stick to The Sims 3.

    1. Well, I'm a big believer in keeping your files for a future date rather than starting over.

  3. Sims 2 games can be made available through Origin chat support you just contact them with your sims 2 game codes and you can download them and install from there :)

    1. Thank you!! I will check that out. There may be hope for my Sims 2 Legacy yet!