All links are listed alphabetically.

Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Links - Contains a forum full of links to many Legacy Stories

Lisa's Adventures in Simming

Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Links

The Maldini Legacy by LauraEliza5

Sample a Brave Legacy by Echowever

Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge Links

Apoca-Borg - Master list of all Sims 2 Apocalypse Challenge rules

Sims 3 Sim of the Month Challenge Links

Miscellaneous Sims Links

Boolprop - A massive Sims forum

Mod The Sims - A great custom content download site for the Sims 2 and 3 - Just make sure the items are Legacy Legal before using them in your Legacy family!

My Sim Realty - Sims 3 lots and worlds

NRAAS Industries - A site full of mods for the Sims 3.  Some may not be Legacy Legal, but a few (Overwatch and StoryProgression for example) are.

Parsimonious - Lots of amazing downloads for all Sims games!

The Sims 3 Official Website

The Sims 2 Default Replacement Database - Sick of the Sims 2 defaults and want something new and fresh?  Check out the default replacements here.  All downloads should be Legacy Legal as they are cosmetic changes only.

Sims Network - Awesome Sims 3 Downloads, Stories, and more!

The Sims Wiki

Snooty Sims - A treasure trove of great Sims news and information

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