Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Advanced Rules - Handicaps

Unless the handicap says otherwise, you do not earn the handicap points until the end of the challenge, provided you have not broken the restriction.

There is no penalty for breaking a handicap you have choosen, you simply will not get the point(s) for that particular handicap at the end of the challenge.

“Middle of Nowhere”
Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your sims live way out in the boonys. They are miles and miles from the nearest town and shopping center. Because of this, getting items shipped out to the house takes a long time. (The Legacy Family House itself may be located anywhere in reality, even in the downtown district, but the purpose of this bonus, pretend they are in the middle of nowhere)

With the exception of the very first day, you may only buy 1 item from the buy menu per sim day. You may buy any number of items on the lot’s very first day to get the house established.

Because it takes forever to get construction materials shipped to the house, you may only place 2 items of each type of item in the build menu per sim day. This means 2 squares of foundation, 2 wall sections, painting 2 wall sections, painting 2 squares, placing 2 squares of pool, placing up to 2 sets of stairs, placing 2 windows. Etc In other words, each item in the build menu is restricted to 2 units per sim day. For larger construction projects, you will have to build them over time, 2 sections a day. Ignore this restriction on the first day the family is in existence to get the house established.

Because the family lives in the middle of nowhere, sims may not travel to any other lot via a cab. Sims may not take the normal carpool to work and teenage sims may not take the bus to school or work. Sims may ONLY travel to school, work and to community lots via their own cars. Children may still take the school bus to go to school, but must use a car when they grow up to be teenagers.

Notes: Items purchased by sims themselves, such as groceries, personal electronics and even items from player-run stores do NOT count against the 1 item per day limit. If you want more items on a sim day, have your sim drive to a store and buy the items there. Remember that Legacy sims may not buy items from player-stores priced lower than “Cheap”

Because sims in college live in a college town, this restriction is lifted temporarily for legacy sims currently living as students in college dorms, houses or greek houses.

“Well Dressed Sims”
Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your sim family has a flair for fasion and a strong sense of personal design and appearance. Everybody in the family must look their best, and insists on their own personal set of clothing.


The family must own a wardrobe for each family member living in the house, regardless of age.
Each sim born in the family must have their own set of everyday clothing, including a toddler, child, teenager, young adult, adult and elder. An outfit can either as a top and bottom or a full outfit. They must also own their own set of underwear, PJs, and formal wear, however you need only buy one of each of these items for the adult age.
For the founder and adult sims added to the family via marriage or move-in, you must purchase a brand new elder outfit, including 1 item from each clothing category in elder.
The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in “Fashion” (or max the Arts & Crafts Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before they turn elder.

Notes: In order to comply with the wardrobe restriction, you must include a wardrobe on the first day among the items you buy for your sims, and buy new ones before midnight on days when new family members join the house. When sims die, you may re-use their wardrobe for somebody else (so you’ll never need to own more than 8 wardrobes)

Any type of wardrobe counts for the wardrobe restriction.
Any sim can purchase the new clothing for any other sim.
The founder and married/moved in sims must own their new set of elder clothing before they become elders.
If an elder is married/moved in to the family, you do not need to buy new clothing for them. (they still need their own wardrobe, however)

Sims born into the family must own their complete set of clothing (toddler to elder) before they grow into toddlers

The sims don’t actually HAVE to wear what you buy for them, only that you buy new clothing.

You may use maxis made clothing or custom clothing for new outfits.

If you ever purchase every single item of clothing for a particular category (and thus have nothing left to buy) you don’t need to buy a new one for new sims

"Green Thumb"
Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder has stumbled upon a fertile plot of land to build his or her house on, is very close to the earth and cares about plants and nature in general.


The lot may have no fewer than 20 plots of flowers on it at any time. At least 20 must be purchased on the first day.
You must purchase at least 10 trees and 10 shrubs before your founder becomes an elder.
You must play all 10 generations without a single flower bed dieing.
You may not hire a gardener.
The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in environment (or max the Nature Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) by the time they become elders.

Notes: A flower bed may wilt or get weeds and not be ‘dead’. A flower bed is ‘dead’ when it turns brown, and the only interaction possible with it is “Dispose”.

Non-heir sims do not need to max their environmental interest, but it is a good idea to do so, as it will make conversations within the house better.

“Do it yourself”
Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder has instilled a strong sense of self-reliance in the family (or a strong distrust of service workers).


Your sims may never hire any sims from the “Service” or “Delivery” menu on the phone.
The one exception to this rule is the family may use Adoption Services.
Sims at college are still under this restriction.
The family may NOT activate, move-in or marry in a Servo.
The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in “Work” (or max the Tinker Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before they turn elder.

Notes: Your sims may not use influence to make other people perform service tasks.

You may still have service or delivery sims move in or marry into the family.

The family may still manufacture and/or sell Servos, as long as they don’t activate them.

“Noble Composure”
Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder is very concerned about the composure of the family. The founder would never want to see anything happen to bring embarrassment to the household.


You must go the entire 10 generations without a single member of the household having a bladder failure or passing out from lack of energy.
The actions of infants, toddlers and guests do not impact this restriction.
Sims who fall asleap in their food do not break this handicap.
The founder and each heir must have a 10 interest in “Culture” (or max the Film and Literature Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before they reach elder.

Notes: Infants and Toddlers can fill their diapers and pass out on the floor without making you lose this bonus.
Passing out due to a thinking cap malfunction will break this restriction.

Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder isn’t afraid of taking chances and has promoted risk-taking over playing it save in the family’s culture.

Whenever any sim is presented with a chance card, you MUST select one of the two options. You may not choose “Ignore”
Whenever an electric object breaks in the house, you may not call a repair man or influence another sim to repair it. A member of the family must repair the object.
Your sims may not purchase a burglar alarm in the house or in a car.
The founder and each heir must have a 10 interest in “Crime” (or max the Games Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) by the time they turn elder.

Notes: Always make sure to produce at least one spare heir or make a non-essiential sim repair broken objects.

Broken objects that carry no risk of electrocution (such as broken showers or clogged toilets) may be repaired by the repair man or have a sim influenced to repair.

“Hands Off”
Category: Handicap
Points: 2

The founder and anyone who joins the family has a supernaturally strong willpower. Your sims are very resistant to the commands of you, the sim god.

You may only issue each sim 3 comands per sim, per day.
If a command is not performed because of a temporary path block or it gliches out (sim can’t get up the stairs because another sim is in the way) you may re-issue the same command.
Comands that are not performed because the sim is in a poor mood are wasted
When you issue a command, you may cancel a sim’s current action. You may also cancel your own commands. (Such as ordering a sim to work out and telling them to stop when you want them to). You may not cancel a sim’s action otherwise. Your sims gain one additional command on community lots that may only be used to return home.

Notes: Comands issued indirectly to other sims, such as “Call to meal” and “Ask to join” still count as commands. “Call to meal” counts against the command limit of the sim that pepaired it. “Ask to join” counts for the sim currently engaged in the activity.
Unused commands do not carry over to the next sim day.
Your command quota is refreshed every night at midnight
Having one sim call a cab and having multible sims enter it only counts as 1 comand for the sim that called the cab.

“Tight Job Market”
Category: Restriction
Points: 1

For one reason or another, the sim’s part of the country is deep in an economic recession. The job market is terrible and work is scarce.

Sims may only take new jobs on Mondays. Only the first job in the newspaper and the first job on the computer are available. The jobs behind them may not be selected. Only one sim in the family may choose the same job listed in the same paper/computer. No jobs may be taken by anybody on any other days of the week.
Your sims may not be hired by any player-owned businesses.
Your sims may not work as a bartender, barista or cook on a community lot.
The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in “Money” (or max the Arts & Crafts Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before elderhood.

Notes: If a different job appears for a different sim (such as a college level job) they make choose that job, as long as it’s the first listed in the paper or computer.

“Obey your sims”
Category: Handicap

Your founder is a very demanding type, and passes this demanding attitude down to each of the heirs. You must work hard to keep them happy.

You must fulfill at least one want per sim day for the founder or the youngest heir. This can be a trivial want, but it must still be a want.
The founder can have no more than 2 points in the “Nice” personality.
The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in Toys (or max the Games Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) by elderhood.

Notes: Only the youngest Heir must be appeased. Once the next generation reaches toddlerhood, you don’t need to pay attention to the previous generation’s heir’s wants.

“Behind the times”
Category: Handicap

Your founder is very old fashioned and technophobic and discourages the whole family to use these ‘new fangled contracptions’

Your sims may not purchase any items from the “Electronics” item category exept for the old fashioned style cash register and the phone.
No member of the family may purchase personal electronics.

“Livin’ VERY large”
Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder is larger than life. Food is king. “Excersise and ‘eating right’ are evil myths, like the greenhouse effect.” is what your founder teaches their family.

Your founder must start as “Unfit”
Your founder may not have any more than 5 points in “active”
Your founder must have “Unfit” as a turn on and “Fitness” as a turn off.
No sim in the family may ever reach the highest fitness level, ever.
Sims born into the family must reach the “unfit” level before adulthood
Sims married or moved into the family must reach the “unfit” level before elderhood
Your founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in “Food” (or max the Cuisine Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before elderhood.

Category: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder belives in the older traditions, where only one gender can bring honor and glory to a family and the other cannot.

Only Sims of the same gender as the founder may carry the family line. Opposite gender sims are still considered part of the family, but may NOT be heirs. If the founder is male, only males can be heirs. If the founder is female, only females may be heirs.

Notes: If an heir has an opposite-gender child, they must continue to have children until they have a same-gender child.

A male-run family is called a Patriarchy
A female-run family is called a Matriarchy

“One way street”
Type: Handicap
Points: 1

For one reason or another, most elixir doesn’t work on the family. Only super-concentrated cowplant elixir can affect how long they live.

Your sims may never use the elixir of life from the aspiration reward menu.
Cow plant elixir may still be used.
You may still purchase bottles of elixir to earn collection points.

“Aspiring to do it the hard way”
Type: Handicap
Points: 2

As a child, your founder witnessed a sim fall dead to the ground from wearing a “fun hat” too long. Having been scarred for life from that event, the founder fiercely forbids the use of any and all aspiration reward objects in the house.

No Aspiration objects by used by any Sims at all.
The ONLY exception to this rule is to use the re-nu-yu sphere to make a grilled cheese sim.
You may still purchase bottles of elixir to earn the elixir collection points
Bear in mind that by following this handicap, you also follow the “No Elixer” handicap, which is worth 1 point by itself. In reality, this handicap is effectively worth 3 points.

Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder purchased a larger than normal lot. It will pay off in the long run, but starting off will be very difficult.

-The founder must start as an adult, and may not start in college
-Instead of moving into an empty 5X5 lot at the beginning of the challenge, move into an empty 5X6 lot. This will force you to start the game with only 1,500.
-You may not move-in or marry any sims in the first week of the sim’s existence.
-If you have the Free Time expansion and are doing this handicap you may NOT sell Mr. Humble's computer for extra money.

“True Love”
Type: Handicap
Points: 2

Your founder believes in the concept of soul mates. Rather than settle for anybody else, your founder and all their heirs must hold out for the perfect mate before having children.

-Your founder and each heir may only have children with sims they have a 3 lightning bolt relationship with (3LB).
-They may move in and even marry other sims, but the sim that brings in the next generation must have 3 lightning bolts with the founder/heir.
-For 3LB relationships that are based on situational turn-ons, such as perfume, stink and clothing, the relationship only needs to be 3LBs at the time of the next generation’s conception. (When you select the ‘try for baby’ command, they must have 3LBs). It may drop below 3LBs afterwards.

Unless restricted by another handicap, you may use the matchmaker to find your sims’ true loves. Keep in mind that this doesn’t always produce 3lb dates.
If you cannot find a 3 LB mate for your sim, you may have to change their turn ons and offs.
If a sim brings in the next generation via alien abduction, this handicap is not broken.
Female heirs may breed with 3lb male player sims and still fulfill this restriction, as long as they don’t move the player sim in.

“Strict family values”
Type: Handicap

Your founder, for personal, ethic or religious reasons, thinks that interrupting the natural course of life is wrong and has prohibited the use of contraceptives in their family. Your founder feels that only a marriage provides a stable enough environment for children. Sims may only woohoo and have children with sims they are married to.

Your founder must be a family sim.
Whenever your sims woohoo, they MUST “try for baby”.
If “try for baby” is not an option, the sims may not woohoo.
The two exceptions to this are sims that are already pregnant or too old to get pregnant.
Sims who are not married may not “woohoo” or “try for baby” married sims may only woohoo or try for baby with their spouce.

“Presidential Physical Fitness”
Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder has a strong love of physical fitness. They insist that everybody in the family work out and keep in tip top shape.

Your founder may not start as “unfit”
Your founder must have at least 5 points in “active”
No sim in the family may ever become “Unfit”
The founder and sims moved/married into the family must reach the “fit” level before elder
Sims born into the family must reach and maintain the “fit” level before adulthood.
The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in “Sports” (or max the Sports Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before reaching elder.

Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder is obessed with being clean. They have a great fear for germs and everything unclean. This neurosis has spread to the rest of the family.


-The founder must have 10 points in “neat”
-The founder must have “stink” as a turn off
-Every room in the house must contain at least one sink (free standing or counter top) regardless of the actual purpose of the room.
-If a sim gets sick for any reason (other than pregnancy related morning sickness) they must be placed in a room by themselves. The door to the room must be locked to all sims. They must stay in that room for a full sim week, even if they recover earlier than that.
-You may furnish the quarantine room however you like (so the sim doesn’t have to suffer)

Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founder insists that something is out to get them. This paranoia seems to ease with age, but it always seems to rub off on the next generation.

-Your sims must place a burglar alarm in every single room in the house.
-Every single car owned must have a car alarm installed
-The founder may not go to sleep until they have shooed all visitors on the lot.
-When the 2nd generation grows to be a teenager, the founder is no longer under the ‘no visitors when sleeping’ restriction. That restriction is now on the teenage heir. This restriction is passed from generation to generation at teenagehood.
-The family may not adopt children of any age.
-If any children are taken by the social worker, this handicap is broken.
-The only sims that can be moved in/married into the house are sims that will produce the next generation. No other sims may join the home.
-Sims at college may not live in dorms. They may not have any roommates that are not family members or sims they are engaged to.
-The founder and every heir must have a 10 interest in “Sci Fi” (or max the Science Hobby if the Free Time expansion is installed) before turning elder.

“Free Roaming Ghosts”
Type: Handicap
Points: 2

Your founder feels that the deceased must be allowed to roam their old homes fully or they will become wrathful.

-Sim graves and urns may never be deleted or sold, even if smashed.
-Sim graves and urns may never be placed into a sim’s inventory
-The graves and urns must be placed in a manner that allows the ghosts to travel freely on the entire lot. A ghost must be able to travel to any part of the lot from where their marker lies.

Notes: If you put all the graves off to the side, the ghosts will generally stay away from the house. Doing this won’t break the handicap.
Since you must keep all graves on the lot for the full 10 generations, pay mind to things that might anger the ghosts.
If collecting ghost colors, keep in mind which ones tend to be annoying, and try to save them for the end.

“Pure Entrepreneur”
Type: Handicap
Points: 3

Your founder refuses to work for another and insists everybody in the family be their own boss.

-No sim in the family may ever take a normal job from the paper or computer
-No sim in the family may be hired by a player-run store (sims in the family CAN work businesses owned by other family members)
-Sims may not work downtown as a cook, barista or bartender.

Sims may only earn money via:
Cash rewards from school
Income from businesses
Selling items (paintings, novels, date rewards, etc)
Semester grants for good grades

Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Your family’s story is told to the world.

At least one novel must be written and completed per generation by that generation’s heir, excluding the 10th. It does not matter how well or poorly these novels sell or the creativity of the heir.

You must write a story for your family.

This handicap is very hard to define by hard and fast rules. I cannot say what exactly constitutes as a ‘story’ or not. The purpose of this bonus is to reward those who write stories for their families. I’ll let you be the judge of yourself, if what you write counts as a story. It does not matter how well-rated your story is by the exchange. It is recommended that you upload your story and family lot once per generation, but it’s not a requirement. This part of handicap is left 100% to interpretation. (The first part must be followed to earn the points, however. That much I can clearly define).

“The Apocalypse”
Type: Handicap
Points: 5!

Your founder must start the family in the shadow of nuclear fallout.

Follow the rules of the Apocalypse Challenge.
If you have taken additional handicaps, they remain in place on top of the restrictions of the Apocolyse.

If you manage to ‘complete’ the Apocolypse challenge within your legacy family, you earn the 5 points right away.

“Gas Line” (Requires Bon Voyage)
Type: Handicap
Points: 1

A gas line runs under the Legacy house, making digging too dangerous

You may not “dig for treasure” on the Legacy lot

You may not build basements.

You may not build pools

Dogs digging holes will not break this handicap.

“Multi-Cultured” (Requires Bon Voyage)
Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Your founders either wants to make their family a melting pot of all the world’s races… or they just have the hots for people of different cultures. Either way, they have no interest in dating or marrying people from the local region.

Your sims may only date/marry/move-in sims they met on vacation lots. They may not date/marry/move in any townies, npcs or player sims from the local neighborhood.

Your sims may only date/marry/move in sims who are of a different skin color, hair color AND aspiration than their own.

Your sims may still make friends, have outings and parties with local sims.

“International Turmoil” (Requires Bon Voyage)
Type: Handicap
Points: 1

The international scene has gotten ugly. The popular destinations are not nearly as safe as they used to be.

In order to go on vacation, all sims who are going must have a 10 body.

“Danger Zone” (Requires Free Time)
Type: Handicap
Points: 1

Whenever a sim reaches ‘the zone’ in a hobby, you may not cancel their action to stop their activity for any reason. You must wait until the sim stops on their own.

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