Sims 3 Sim of the Month Challenge

Sim of the Month Challenge 

What is the Sim of the Month Challenge? 

Once per month, I will be uploading a new sim to my simpage. You will be given a very specific goal and a very specific set of restrictions unique to that month’s sim. You goal is to achieve the goal while obeying the restrictions in as few sim-days as possible. 

Universal Rules 
There are a set of rules and restrictions universal to all Sims posted for this challenge, but don’t worry, they are much fewer than the Legacy Challenge. 

You may not purchase the “Mid-life crisis” perk to change the sim’s traits. 
You may not merge households on the neighborhood level. 
You may not move in/marry player made or downloaded sims. All other sims are fair game (unless specifically restricted by that month's sim) 
No cheating (Money cheats, mood cheats, hacks that give you an advantage over those who do not have the hack) 
You must obey the sim-specific restriction. Failing to do so means the challenge is failed. 
You may use any aging speed you like. In fact you are encouraged to use epic speed if you want to keep a single neighborhood with all your past Sims of the Month. Story progression can be on or off at your discretion. 

Awesomemod is allowed with this challenge, just be sure to turn off any aspects that affect jobs. 
If you can't/don't want to download this month's sim from my simpage, you're more than welcome to re-make him or her in CAS. Even change their name and appearance if you wish. The important parts to replicate are the sim's age, gender, lifetime wish and traits. 

The only score for this and all Sims of the month will be speed. You will be racing against time. The fewer days you can accomplish your goal, the better. 

Starting off 
Download the sim of the month (or re-make them yourself) and import them into any neighborhood. You may want to create a neighborhood used for all of your Sims of the month, but you don’t have to. The sim must be alone when he or she is moved in. You may move the sim into ANY lot they can afford, as long as it is unoccupied. This can be a pre-built or empty lot. Once you do that, your challenge begins! 

June’s Sim of the Month 

Name: Gordon Loadsworth 
Gender: Male 
Age: Adult 
Traits: Couch Potato, Slob, Loser, Natural Cook, Clumsy. 
Goal: Reach the top of the sports career. 
Restrictions: Gordon may not select the “Workout at gym” option while at work. 

Bio: Eternal fan of at least 7 major sports, Gordon has more sports jerseys than he does regular clothing. This is partially because he likes sports so much, and partially because ‘normal clothing’ doesn’t come in his size. A lifetime of eating and watching sports on TV has taken a major toll on his body. Tired of being mocked for his lifestyle and look, Gordon has decided to turn over a new leaf and do the impossible. Rather than watch sports, he wants to be out on the field playing along side them. Can Gordon do it? 

Pinstar says: 
This month’s challenge is a simple one. Simple goal, simple restriction. The tricky part will be working around Gordon’s traits that want to keep him out of the gym and on his comfy couch. Don’t ignore his natural cook trait. Those food moodlets (Foodlets) can help give him a boost at work, especially if his athletic skill is lagging behind. 

Gordon can be downloaded from my SimPage. Here is a direct link 

July's Sim of the Month 

Name: Theresa Dolphina 
Age: Young Adult 
Gender: Female 
Traits: Family Oriented, Genius, Hates the Outdoors, Angler, Technophobe 
Goals: Reach the top of the Journalism Career, Purchase a teleporter from the aspiration perks menu. 
Restrictions: Can only eat seafood dishes. Theresa must submerge herself in water at least once per day. Theresa may not join the science career, or interact with the science lab in any way. 
Difficulty: Medium 

The Dockwood Dolphins, after losing their final game in a huge upset to their biggest rivals the Red Rabbits, who were lead to victory by the underdog star player Gordon Loadsworth, came up with a plan. They would bolster team spirit and frighten their rivals by creating a living mascot. So they commissioned the local science center to create the mascot. It was this ‘living mascot’ experiment that transformed then-test subject, Theresa Dole, into the half-human half dolphin hybrid that she is today. 

As a result of her transformation, Theresa can speak both human and dolphin languages. After escaping the lab and talking with her fellow dolphins (real dolphins, not the sports team), Theresa learns that the earth is in grave danger and feels the need to warn the inhabitants of the planet. Nobody will listen to her warning at the moment, but Theresa knows that if she can become established in the world of broadcasting, she can not only get her message to every corner of the globe, but also have it taken seriously. She also needs to finish building the teleporter the dolphins instructed her to build so she can escape with the rest of them before the planet does get destroyed. 
While fearful of the science lab and the technology it used to transform her, Theresa is mostly able operate in ‘normal society’ Theresa must still attend to her dolphin aspects, needing the occasional dip in the water and a steady stream of fish to keep herself healthy. 

Pinstar Says: 
This month’s challenge is a bit harder than Gordon’s. Theresa has not one but two major goals to meet, the need to reach the journalism career top and the need to buy a teleporter. You’ll have to balance her career advancement with wish fulfillment, all while taking care of her dolphin needs. You may want to start off getting Thersa’s fish supply and cooking skills up right away so she can keep herself fed. In addition to seafood, Theresa is allowed to eat at the diner, the bistro and work without breaking the diet restriction. The 'submerge in water' requirement is fulfilled by having Theresa go swimming or take a bath. Theresa’s teleporter must be purchased using Theresa’s own aspiration points. Oh, and yes, this month’s sim was heavily inspired by the book “The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 

Theresa can be downloaded from my simpage here: 

Special Entry for the Good Vs. Evil Showcase 

Name: Peggy-Sue Evil 
Age: Young Adult 
Gender: Female 
Traits: Vegetarian, Green Thumb, Evil, Ambitious, Dislikes Children 
Goals: Reach the top of the Culinary career track. Have at least 2 children. Purchase the grocery store, the bistro and the diner (not just become a partner). Purchase a food replicator. 
Cannot sell anything grown from plants, they’re needed for the evil stockpile. Must plant, maintain and harvest at least 10 plants (any type) on the home lot on a regular basis. Must revive or replace any plants that die (you can change a new type of plant when replacing a dead plant if you want). You may not purchase or use birthday cakes to age sims up. Peggy-Sue doesn’t DO birthdays…or cake for that matter. Peggy-sue’s children may not move away from home. 
Difficulty: Evil 

The region has been ill at ease since the odd looking but widely popular news anchor, Theresa Dolphina, made the announcement on prime time news that the world was in fact, doomed. She cited her sources as “the dolphins” and would not elaborate on the actual method in which the world would be destroyed or how long everyone had left. The night after her announcement, she seemed to disappear entirely. Conspiracy theorists are claiming the government caused her disappearance for trying to reveal the truth. While the public is still making up its mind if her words were true or just crazy, some are acting on the knowledge. Mainly those who are prone to promiscuity, who are using the end of the world as an excuse to throw caution to the wind and have a darn good time right up to Earth’s final moment, whenever that might be. As a result, the local hospital has recorded a record number of pregnancies and births. 

With the sudden boom of new babies being born, Marcus Evil, founder of the Evil legacy family, sent a truly evil plan into motion. He and his four Evil sons set up a theft operation on a grand scale to steal candy from babies. This was done to capitalize on the sudden abundance of baby-candy created by the sudden abundance of babies. The reason for the whole operation is this: baby-candy, when processed using a super secret and super evil technique, becomes more dangerous than weapons-grade enriched uranium. With that much power, Marcus could have easily taken over the entire world. His plan was thwarted when Capitan Hero lured him and his four sons into a trap and arrested all five on the spot. The only remaining member of the Evil family is his daughter, Peggy-Sue. 

Peggy-Sue Evil was born evil, just like everyone else in her family. Peggy-Sue, however, became fascinated with plants at a very early age. Specifically she saw the suffering and disgust of children when vegetables were forced on them and was delighted to hear their cries and complaints. Rather than seeking bombs, doomsday devices, killer robots, deadly chemicals or powerful engineered viruses, she seeks to conquer the world by taking hold of the food supply and forcing her healthy, bitter and evil vegetables down the throat of every man, woman and child. Her plan was going well, but she was surprised and disgusted with the news from her father that she must have children of her own to continue the family legacy since her father and brothers are all locked up in maximum security prisons. 
Her evil plan involves building up a huge stockpile of vegetables, double it with a food repliator. Gain control of all sources of food for the population, and make sure the only source of food for anybody is her evil vegetables. People would have to eat her Evil produce or starve. Burdened with the need to bring her plan to fruition with the need to continue her family’s legacy, Peggy-Sue has a lot on her plate, besides her evil vegetables. 

Pinstar Says: 
Lots of goals for this one, some of which require good time management. Finding a way to make enough money to buy up the grocery store, bistro and diner will by tricky without the ability to sell any produce, which include any products of the omni-plant or money tree. The need for a food replicator is the cherry on top of this very evil challenge, so don’t neglect her evil wishes. The replicator must be purchased using Peggy-Sue’s own aspiration points. While Peggy-Sue is best suited to do it, she does not specifically have to be the one to maintain the evil garden each day. Peggy-Sue’s children must be birthed by her, no adoptions. Peggy-Sue’s children must be assigned the ‘evil’ trait when/if you get the option to choose a trait. After that, all further traits must be chosen randomly; she IS part of a legacy family after all. 

Peggy Sue 
Can be downloaded here 

Sim of the Month of August (1 of 3) 
Name: Gregory Manchilde 
Gender: Male 
Age: Adult 
Traits: Childish, Hot Headed, Unflirty, Inappropriate, Over-Emotional 
Goals: Reach the top of the political career 
Restrictions: Cannot gain the charisma skill 
Difficulty: Easy 


Peggy-Sue Evil’s coup of the food world didn’t have the world-dominating effect she had intended. In hind sight, she never did anything to her ‘evil vegitables’ to actually make them evil. No poison or mind controlling agents, they were perfectly normal and healthy vegetables. For a month or so the population lived much as they did before. However after a month of vegetables, all vegetables and nothing but vegetables, the carnivores in the region began to complain, followed much of the rest of the region a week or two later. People had become sick of the vegetables. It had seemed like Peggy-Sue’s plan was actually starting to work…but she underestimated the determination of the population, especially the cow-grilling, rib-roasting pork-chopping carnivores among them. People began to look to their political leaders to free them from the vegetation. 

Bio: Ever since he was elected class president by default in the 2nd grade when his one and only (and more popular by far) rival was out sick with chicken pox on ‘election day’ Gregory has had political aspirations. Gregory seemed to be in a prime position to one day break into politics. He came from a wealthy family who had many connections in the political and business world. Perhaps he would have had an easier time had he not been such a terror as a child. Mean, abrasive, spoiled rotten, ungrateful and erratic are just a few words used to describe him. The worst part is, he never grew up. To this day he behaves the same way as he did when he was 8. 

However, there is a golden opportunity for him and his political career. Having been running on the ‘outlaw vegetables, remove the curfew and make candy free’ political ticket unsuccessfully for years, his bizarre political message is suddenly not only relevant, but also wildly popular, even with adults. Can this tantrum-throwing, cootie-fearing, snot-nosed brat of a big baby make his dream come true and free the region from the vegetable dictatorship? 

Pinstar Says: 
Getting far in politics without the charisma skill will be tricky. You don’t have to worry about breaking the restriction by just socializing; that first point of charisma has to be learned via class, book or mirror. You’ll have to find other ways to counteract the negative drain on Gregory’s job performance due to lack of charisma. Since Gregory’s traits don’t help at all, you may want to look at perks to help give you an edge in meeting his goal. 

You can download Gregory Here 

August's Sim 2 of 3 
Name: Mauseah Twitchford 
Age: Young adult 
Gender: Female 
Traits: Coward, Excitable Neurotic, Light Sleeper, Absent Minded 
Goals: Reach the top of the military career, Discover and name a Comet using the telescope. Grow 30 flame fruits. 
Restrictions: Moauseah may not take a career in the military or police fields unless she is living with a brave or daredevil sim. You may not issue or cancel commands for Mauseah when she is under the effects of the ‘excited’ ‘sugar rush’ or ‘scared’ moodlets. Actions you have queued up prior to her getting the moodlet may remain. 

It has been two full months since Theresa Dolphina’s warning to earth that the end of the world was near. Since then, as far as people can tell, the Earth is still alive and kicking, and no major disasters have occurred planet-wide or locally. The air of fear and panic has begun to disburse as major news stations are all adopting a dismissive attitude twords Theresa’s message and urging people to calm down. Just about everybody has calmed down, every body, but one person… 

To say that Mauseah Twitchford was a little high strung is to say that the center of the sun is a little on the warm side. Ever since she was a little girl, Mauseah’s brain has never quite settled down. She is routinely quick to react to just about anything presented to her with either fanatical excitement or mind boggling fear, to even the most seemingly trivial things. When Theresa announced on TV that the end of the world was coming, this became the sole object of both fear and excitement for Mauseah. Fear for the end of the world, excitement about the prospect of doing something about it. When Mauseah set out on her quest to save the world, she figured the military would be the best place to start. However upon meeting the tall and gruff military recruiter, she broke into a 3 mile panic driven sprint before passing out in a field. It was clear she could not do this alone... 

Pinstar Says 
The trick with Mauseah will be learning how to avoid the moodlets that force you to give up control of her. While yes, your queued actions can stay, that is assuming she doesn’t forget them! Finding her a brave/daredevil partner is important as you can’t start on the career until she moves in/marries them. Her partner (Roommate/husband/wife/BFF/SO etc) must remain part of her household. If they move out or die, Mauseah must immediately quit the military or police careers and cannot retake them until she finds another brave sim. The flame fruits must be grown on Mauseah’s lot. Mauseah must be at the top of the military career and remain there to complete the challenge. Note that the 'scared of the dark' moodlet is different than the 'scared' moodlet, and thus it doesn't force you give up control of her. 

Mausea can be downloaded here: 

August Sim 3 of 3 
Name: Raj Bebadadeah 
Age: Young Adult 
Gender: Male 
Traits: Commitment Issues, Good, Great Kisser, Unlucky, Flirty 
Goal: Try for Baby with 10 different women. The challenge does not end until 4 days after Raj’s 10th romantic encounter. 
Restrictions: Raj may not woohoo sims, he MUST always ‘try for baby’. If a sim gives birth to his child, he must donate $5000 to charity per child. This donation must be made by midnight the day he learns of the birth. Raj may not move in or marry in any sims into his home. The moment Raj accumulates 10,000 aspiration points, you must purchase the ‘fertility treatment’ perk. No other perks may be purchased until Raj obtains that perk. Mods that modify the chances or length of pregnancy are not allowed. 

Difficulty: Hard 

Raj was originally intended in my internal storyline to come before Peggy-Sue as being the cause of the population explosion promting baby-candy theft ring. That was thrown out of whack when I moved Peggy-sue up early to take part in the Good Vs. Evil competition. On retrospect, I should have just kept with the original timeline as Raj is good  

Raj has always had an interest in the fairer sex. Luckily for him, the opposite sex has always had an interest in him. Some fall for his charm, some for his body and some for his good heart but the overall theme is that he has no trouble finding women. Raj’s luck ends with his ability to get lucky. Specifically contraceptives of all sorts seem to fail, fail often and fail horribly, leading to some awkward phone calls and paternity tests later on. Raj is a good man at heart and does not wish to cause distress to the unassuming mothers of his children, so he has vowed to always help them out financially whenever there is an ‘oops’ in the bedroom. Despite the risks, Raj’s quest for women of all types continues. 

Pinstar Says: 
A rogue set of triplets can cost Raj $15,000, and even a single child can be painful to Raj’s bank account. Then again, not every romantic encounter will result in a child so you might get lucky. The balance in this challenge is to weigh your risks. You could slow down Raj’s romancing to build up his bank account in the event of children, then again that would cause raj to reach his goal slower. Then again, if raj can’t pay the donations, the challenge is failed. The actual in-game charity you donate to doesn’t matter. 

Raj can be downloaded here: 

September's Sim of the Month 

Name:Amanda Ontharun 
Age:Young Adult 
Traits:Kleptomaniac, Hates the Outdoors, Mooch, Hopeless Romantic, Hydrophobic 

Special instructions: Cannot move into a pre-built home, must move into an empty lot (any size). After moving into said lot, use the familyfunds cheat to reduce her bank account to 0$ 

Goals: Build a ‘proper home’, Get Married to a Computer Whiz husband, throw a successful wedding party, Purchase a body-shaper and change her appearance drastically. 
Restrictions: Cannot take any jobs, must not have a child out of wedlock. Cannot move in any sims other than via marriage into a ‘proper home’. Cannot write and publish books. Cannot sell anything. Must not be visited by the repo man. Cannot sleep outdoors. Cannot purchase the burglar alarm or call the police. Cannot marry a sim in the law enforcement career track. 

Special concept: "Proper Home" 
A “Proper Home”, in Amanda’s eyes, must have a furnished value of at least $20,000 + whatever the land costs. (So if you bought a $2,400 lot, her house would need a furnished value of $22,400). It must contain at least the following: 
1 double bed, 1 dresser, 2 mirrors, 1 toilet, 1 shower or tub, 2 sinks, 1 refrigerator, 1 stove, 2 kitchen counters 1 table, 2 chairs, 1 fireplace, 1 loveseat, 1 desk, 1 computer or laptop and 1 bookshelf with at least 20 unique books. The house must contain at least 5 distinct rooms, all of which must be fully floored, painted, lit and be accessible via doors. Each room must also provide at least a +10 “decorated” moodlet somewhere within the room. The exterior of the house must be fully painted as well and contain at least 10 windows. 

Theresa Dolphina was right, the Earth was doomed. Mauseah Twichford, through diligent watching of the sky, identified a strange looking comet entering the solar system. At first her claims of the danger were dismissed, but when the comet was caught in Jupiter’s orbit briefly before being spun around and hurled at the earth, people suddenly paid more attention. It was Mauseah’s ingenious idea for a firebomb made from the core of 30 flame fruits that saved the day. The bomb was launched by Mauseah from the international space station during a daring and dangerous space-walk mission. The heat from the bomb blast melted most of the ice comet. When the main comet was destroyed, it broke into many pieces that fell to the earth. Most of these pieces were now too small to cause any real damage and vaporized harmlessly in the atmosphere, but a few were large enough to reach the ground and cause some damage to whatever building they fell on. Despite the minor damage to some buildings in the area, Mauseah was hailed as a national hero for saving the planet. She is now the spokeswoman for the National Flame Fruit Grower’s Association, and the Acme Adult Disposable Undergarment Company…both of which had their products used extensively by Mauseah during her heroic mission. 

Amanda was a small time petty thief. However, after being framed by her boss for his crimes, she is now falsely seen as one of Simnation’s most dangerous criminals, even though she has committed none of the 17 heinous crimes she is convicted of. After serving 2 years of her 1,292 year sentence in the Simnation Maximum security prison, Amanda’s freedom came unexpectedly. It took the form of an ice comet shard that fell from the sky and simultaneously smashed part of the complex’s wall and melted, flooding the whole compound. She nearly drowned while getting whisked away down a storm drain by the sudden deluge. Upon awaking in a new region, cold, broke, gasping for breath and soaked to the bone, she realized this was life giving her a second chance; A rebirth. 

Still a wanted ‘criminal’ she dares not leave a paper trail by selling things, getting a job or writing novels. She refuses to return to the criminal warehouse, as it was her boss there that made her into a scapegoat in the first place. She also doesn’t dare fall asleep outside, as she knows government spy satellites could pinpoint her if she remained outdoors too long. She has committed herself to somehow make the best of this second chance and fulfill her childhood dreams. The include building a nice house, filing it with nice things…even if they are someone else’s things… and getting married to the man of her dreams, preferably a man who is good with computers who can hack into the government's computers and build a new identity for her. She wants to make sure all of those are in place before she even thinks of bringing a child into this world. She’ll also want to minimize contact with the authorities and keep the police or a repo man from visiting the house. 

Pinstar Says: 
Every cent counts in this challenge as all the normal avenues to making money are pretty much closed off. Your only real methods for cash generation are mooching, playing for tips and oppertunities. The real trick will be making sure she has a roof over head when she sleeps. The ‘Cant Sell anything’ restriction doesn’t apply to build-mode construction items such as walls, doors, windows, paint, tiles, fences, railings, stairs and the like. You may purchase items from the buy menu or steal them in order to furnish the house. If you can’t afford to build enough of Amanda’s house to support a roof, try having her sleep over a neighbor’s house until she can. To determine if Amanda is ‘indoors’ enough to sleep, check her ‘hates the outdoors’ moodlet. If she isn’t suffering the moodlet, then it is safe for her to sleep. Having a bad wedding party means a failed challenge, so investing in the ‘legendary host’ perk isn’t a bad idea.“Drastically alter her appearance” is a term subject to opinion as to what is drastic. Have fun with it. Amanda’s goal is merely to change her look so she won’t be visually identified as easily. You have to build her house up to "Proper Home" status before she can get married and move her husband in. 

You can download Amanda here 

October's Sim of the Month Challenge 

Name: Juan Undall 
Age: Young Adult 
Gender: Male 
Traits: Insane, Never Nude, Friendly, Easily Impressed, Can’t Stand Art 
LTW: Jack of all trades 
Difficulty: Medium (but varies during the challenge) 

Goal: Obtain 200,000 lifetime aspiration points, Cure Juan’s Insanity. 

Restrictions: You must promise every wish that comes up if there are open slots, in the order they come up.You may never cancel an already promised wish. (or one waiting to be promised, though they are allowed to disappear on their own). You must fulfill 1 wish per sim day or the challenge is failed. Every time Juan gains 20,000 points, you MUST purchase the “Mid-life crisis” perk. When doing this, hit the random button, then remove the 5th trait and replace it with the “Insane” trait. (If Insane came up naturally, just leave the roll as is). You must do this every time Juan obtains 20,000 points. Juan may not spend points on any other perks. On the 10th purchase of the mid-life crisis perk, you may remove the ‘insane’ trait and assign all five traits however you want. 

Jake Brashford was a prison warden in charge of rounding up all of the escaped prisoners from the damage caused to the Simnation maximum security prison by the “Mauseah-Nova Comet” (As it’s been called) shard. He had a nick name, ‘the blood hound’. He ALWAYS got his man. He was cool, calm and collected. He was in charge and he always knew what to do. He was relentless in his pursuit of escaped convicts and demanded perfection from his partners. He was feared and respected by those around him. He kept his past history a secret from his co-workers, which make him all the more dark and mysterious of a figure. 
His iron tower composure was shattered when the agency decided to close the case on Amanda Ontharun, pronouncing her dead and calling off the search for her. Jake had rounded up and recaptured all the other prisoners that escaped, all of them but her. The blood hound had lost the scent. It was the first major failure on Jake’s record with the prison, but it was all that was needed to shatter his composure. There was a rebellion…not from his fellow prison guards or even the inmates, but from within. The others within him ganged up and took down the dominant Jake Brashford… 

Named Juan Undall at birth, Juan lead a fairly simple life in the country. His parents owned SimFarm and his uncle Jed was a rider at the local town’s rodeo. They frequently left Juan to his own devices to entertain himself. The natural boredom of country living meant Juan had to use his imagination as a child to keep himself entertained. That wasn’t a problem for Juan, he had more imagination than all the other children in his school. He came up with lots of imaginary friends to play with and talk to. At first it seemed harmless…but the power of Juan’s imagination proved to be too strong. 

His imaginary friends, now three dozen in number, began to rebel. They each had their own unique personality and persona, their own mission in life and they were tired of being trapped in this simple boy’s mind. They took over. Juan spent 10 years in an asylum as his imaginary friends raged and fought with him and each other for control of his body. The ‘war’ ended when a dominant personality, calling himself Jake Brashford, emerged. Jake controlled the body and kept the other personalities, including Juan himself, under wraps for a good 10 years. This allowed him to stay sane enough to be released from the Asylum and get a normal job in society. That 10 year reign ended when the others saw weakness and took Jake down. Now engulfed in another mental civil war, can Juan regain his own mind and body and silence all the imaginary friends he created as a child? 

Pinstar Says 
Polinesia says:

Forget Pinstar’s advice and listen to his imaginary friend! You might actually get something useful this time.
The name of the game is wishes. You need to be quick on your talons to keep knocking out those wishes. Not only does this get you to 200,000 lifetime points faster, it reduces the chances of getting wish-locked. If you get wishes that take more than one day to fulfill locked in your bar, (such as ‘stay inside for 48 hours’ or ‘reach level X of career’) do your best to fulfill them, ASAP so they don’t build up and take over all of your wish slots. One saving grace is that if you fulfill a wish that isn’t yet promised, it still counts as your ‘one wish per day’ requirement.(Thus saving you from failing the challenge…that day anyway) Luck has a little to play in this challenge, as the types of wishes you receive will change with Juan’s personality. Good luck! We now return you to your regularly scheduled challenge writer…

Pinstar: I thought I got rid of you back in college… 
Anyway, Juan can be downloaded here: 

OK! We've got TWO sims for this November. 

First off is the Halloween Special! 

Name: Madison Lowman 

In life Madison dreamt of being an actress in movies. It wasn’t the money, the glory or the fame that drew her to the idea. It was more the thought of pretending to be something you are not and making that your living. Unfortunately, she was not cut out to be an actress of any kind. Completely ignoring her natural talents in data analysis and organization, she threw herself at audition after audition. No amount of training classes, voice lessons and method acting camps could overcome her true nature: she was meant to be an accountant, not an actress. As a result, she was never picked for any more significant a role than an extra in any movie. It was on a movie set where an unfortunate accident with some Pyrotechnics caused her untimely death in a fire. 

Being burnt to a crisp did not stop her drive, her zeal to somehow make her mark in movies. She clung to the world as a ghost and continued her quest. Deciding on a new strategy, she decided to listen in on some focus groups held by the movie industry. Outa Focus films LTD was looking to make a new horror flick and wanted to find what the public felt to be scary. The overwhelming response from the focus groups was “Creepy Ghost Children”. This sparked a wild idea in Madison’s brain. If they wanted creepy ghost children for their movies, she would give them creepy ghost children. 

With new inspiration in hand, Madison vows to break into movies once and for all, if not as a star, then perhaps as the mother of a star. She feels she must have a wide variety of ghost children in order to maximize her chances of having one become a star. 

Traits: Ambitious, Workaholic, No Sense of Humor, Perfectionist, Frugal 
Goal: Have at least 4 ghost children, one of each age(infant, toddler, child, teenager) at one time. Each ghost child must be conceived from a different father. 
Can only take a part-time careers. She feels a full time job would distract from her goals. 
Cannot move in any sims into the house hold. 
Cannot adopt children. (living or otherwise) 
Ghost children born in the house may move out when they are older, but they must be living in the house in order to count as one of the four required to win the challenge. 
The challenge MUST be played on the “Normal” lifespan setting. 
Birthday cakes may not be purchased or used. 
Madison may not sell paintings, write novels or sell gathered/harvested items (including produce and insects). She feels this would distract her from her ultimate goal. 

Pinstar Says: 

Happy Halloween everyone. Today’s tricky treat is the scariest thing I could think of: The mother of a child star. Money will be tight on this challenge as part time careers only pay so much and Madison turns her nose up at most of the traditional ‘work at home’ means for income. Using her career-focused traits to maximize her raises is key. Keep in mind that in order to win the challenge, all four children must be at their appropriate age category on the same exact day, so plan her pregnancies accordingly as you can’t use birthday cakes to advance her offspring to the next age category early. While there is no rule against Madison or any of her children being returned to life, the children must be ghosts in order to count for winning the challenge, and Madison must be a ghost to produce ghost offspring. Note that Madison doesn’t fit into the ongoing storyline that my other Sims of the Month fall into, hence the lack of a prelude. 

Will be posted after the first person to beat Madison's challenge. 

Madison can be found here. She is a sim, rather than a sim type, so just move her straight into the neighborhood. 

Now for November's Sim of the Month proper, I present you with: 

Name: Minerva Song 
Gender: Female 
Age: Young Adult 
Traits: Loner, Computer Whiz, Bookworm, Artistic, Mute* 

Goal: Reach the top of the business career, have 7 best friends (a husband, wife, fiancĂ©, boyfriend, girlfriend or love interest can count as only one of those seven). 
Restrictions: Minerva is mute. You may not initiate any social interactions that involve her speaking. Only mostly-physical interactions may be used with a few exceptions. If another sim initiates a verbal interaction, cancel it. You may not use the “suck up to boss” or “hang out with co-workers” options at work. Minerva cannot learn the charisma skill. Minerva cannot accept any opportunities that consist of her speaking (such as giving a lecture on a subject). Minerva must have a 10 skill in writing OR art in order to attend meetings, both outside work or using the ‘hold meetings’ option during work. See the list at the bottom for a full explanation of what interactions are allowed or restricted. 

Shortly after Juan Undall was able to return to sanity, he felt the need to tell the world his story. After pitching what he had been through for the past two decades to several producers, a documentary on his many lives was quickly produced and televised. Juan’s message throughout the documentary is to never give up or give in, no matter how disadvantaged you may feel. The documentary was well received by audiences and critics and is expected to be a serious contender for the top prize at the annual tin can film festival. 

Minerva was born mute. Due to a genetic defect, her vocal cords are mal-formed. What little sound she is able to produce is incomprehensible and quite disturbing to hear, not unlike a dying animal. Because of this, Minerva has avoided human contact at all costs, keeping to herself in a hermit like existence and interacting with others only on the computer for most of her life. After watching Juan’s documentary on tv, Minerva was inspired. Perhaps even she could beak out of her shell and get some friends, some real friends, with whom she could rely on, she thought. Even beyond that, she wished to show the world she has a voice within her and would not remain silent. Knowing that money talks, reaching the top of the business career would allow her to have a voice in the world. She will have to hone her visual or textual presentation skills to a keen edge if she is to make up for her lack of speaking ability and hold her own at corporate meetings. 

Pinstar says: 
*The “mute” trait doesn’t actually exist in game. However, the fact that she only has 4 traits accounts for the fact that the5th trait is Muteness, which is the source for all of the restrictions in this challenge. If some enterprising modder wanted to create the ‘mute’ trait to force these restrictions on a sim, it would certainly be legal for the challenge. 

You’ll quickly find that most of the lower-level interactions are all verbal. This makes building early friendships via computer your primary way of ‘breaking the ice’. Even once you get a sim a friend status, your limited interactions can hamper you. Only one of Minerva’s 7 best friends can be romantic as Minerva isn’t the type to cheat on the one she loves. If you have her romance one of her friends, the other six must reach best friend status without flipping over to ‘love interest’. Creative use of perks will help you overcome some of Minerva’s handicaps. The fact that Minerva may only greet people rudely does not mean she is a naturally rude person, it’s to account for the awkwardness of trying to get someone’s attention without speech. Use your best judgment on which opportunities involve her speaking based on the flavor text used to describe the opportunity. Try to avoid having Minerva eat at the table or sit on a couch while others are as well to cut down on her chatting with them. Minerva may not play chess with another person for this same reason. 

The following actions ARE allowed 
Funny Face 
Goof Around 
Impersonate Celebrity 
All types of hugs. 
All forms of kissing 
Most everything under the ‘romantic’ heading other than compliments, ‘ask if single’ ‘suggestion’ ‘hit on’ and ‘whisper in ear’ 
Everything that begins with the word ‘propose’ (Things this important can be communicated even without speech). This includes the ‘get married’ interaction. 
Woohoo/Try for baby (and, if she becomes pregnant, ‘go to hospital’ when the time comes) 
Invite inside 
Rude introduction/greeting 
Invite over (Friends or better only, this is to account for an email invite, even though you actually use the phone) 
Ask to leave/Goodbye 
All infant/toddler interactions other than “talk to” “Teach to talk” “Read to” “chat” or “talk through..(with the toy bear)” 
All forms of dance 

If you come across an interaction that is not listed one way or the other, use your best judgment with the idea of someone who cannot speak. 

You can download Minerva here: 

Here is December's Sim 

Name: Barry Burnaut 
Gender: Male 
Age: Young Adult 
LTW: Perfect Garden 
Traits: Party Animal, Grumpy, Brave, Heavy Sleeper, Loves the Outdoors 
Goal: Make over $1,000/per hour in any career. 
Restrictions: Barry may not Take it Easy or sleep at work. If Barry gets too stressed at his job, he must quit his job when he gets home and may never take a job in that career again. Barry must accept all work-based opportunities and must quit his job if he ever fails one of them. Barry may not miss a day of work. Barry may only marry a sim with the ‘workaholic’ trait. Mods that affect the difficulty of careers may not be used. Awesome mod’s function of re-assigning bosses appropriately as a sim grows in position IS allowed. 

Prelude: Song Co Unlimited, headed by the business mogul Minerva Song quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the regional marketplace. Their signature ad campaign featuring silent and subtitled advertisements struck a popular cord with the public and sent the company’s stock shares soaring. 

A young executive working for Song co made an off-color remark about the company’s success being due to public sympathy for the CEO’s condition, rather than any kind of real talent, intelligence or business sense. The executive was promptly fired after a senior manager heard this in passing, thus sending this promising young executive back to square one, again. 

Bio: Barry Burnaut came from a truly hardworking family. His great grandfather grew up during the great depression and supported the entire family by working 17 hour double-shifts at the local factory. His great grandfather’s die-hard attitude of all work and no play has permeated its way down the family line, with each member adopting this die hard workaholic attitude like their parent before them. As the youngest of three, Barry is held to the same high standards of workaholicism as the rest of the family by his elders. 

Unfortunately for Barry, the intrinsic love for work was simply not something that was part of him, unlike the rest of his family. Deep down he hated the unreasonable (in his mind) expectations placed on him by his elders but wouldn’t dare oppose his family tradition openly. His only hope is to out-do his older siblings and get the attention from his parents and grandparents off his career and onto theirs, which would allow him to take some much needed vacation, or perhaps retire early… anything to get out of the daily grind. Unfortunately for Barry, he has a habit of speaking his mind, unfiltered, when he gets overly stressed at work, inevitably getting him fired every time he does this. 

Pinstar Says: 
No career has even close to wages of 1,000/hour even at the highest level. The only way to ratchet his wages up higher is to keep filling the work bar to get him more ‘promotions’ in the form of raises even after he has reached the top level of a career. While any career can reach 1000/hour eventually, you would do well to find one that naturally has a high hourly wage rate at the top level. You should also be mindful of the kind of hours a career demands. The longer the shift the greater the chance of Barry getting stressed or overworked, and thus losing his job. Then again, longer shifts mean more chances to raise his performance bar, thus bringing him closer to promotions and/or raises. Barry must quit his job if he finishes a work shift with either the “Stressed” and/or the “Overworked” moodlets. Community based and skill based opportunities may be accepted or declined at your discretion, the ‘must accept all’ rule only applies to work-based opportunities. 

Barry can be downloaded here:

December 2013 Sim of the Month

All information for the December 2013 Sim of the month can be found here.


  1. Hello! Are there any Sims for October?

    1. We have December Sim of the Month Challenge up now. Sorry for the wait!

  2. Most likely not. Pinstar has been pretty preoccupied with the new Pokemon game. We may -possibly- try to get a November one up, but no guarantees just yet. The new Pokemon game is pretty addicting haha.

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